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facts behind Pulwama attack

First of all we need to know about the reason behind the Palwama attacks.As you know India Occupied the Kashmir Valley since 1947.Indian Armed & Para-Military forces involve in So-called Operations in Kashmir in which they torture the House ladies, Children and Senior Citizens,They use Pallet guns on human faces, raped Women and Kill the Adults.Over a million Civilian killed by Indian Forces Brutally.So probably it would be the Reaction of those Brutal Operations.
Secondly Terrorism is the global Problem Attacks on Armed Forces are Common these days.So it would be a Security-lack.It is an Unforgivable Mistake if they didn’t Clear the Route before Military Convoy Movement.It is the Responsibility of Indian Army and the Government to investigate the whole matter instead to blame anyone else like Pakistan.
Here the Question is that how the Attacks Possible even No One can fetch the grocery to his home without Checking, How the IDE over 350kg been transferred there and Successfully Exploded without facing any hurdle?
What are 700,000 Military men doing there in Kashmir Valley if they aren’t Capable to Counter these type of Incidents?
How the Attacks Possible if Indian Army Claimed the Valley Clear after dood to door Search Operation?
For What Indian Media and Military Immediately blaming Pakistan without any Evidence,If these Attacks were not Pre-planned?
Mr Moodi knows the Nature of his Nation So he Staged this type of Shit and Blame Pakistan for all of this.He Played the Anti-Pakistan Card to Ensure his Success in Upcoming Elections.


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Master Mohammad Faheem Imtiaz is a Well known social media activist, cyber trainer, blogger and Commander of a cyber team CDC - Cyber defence & combat team of PAKISTAN.He is a permanent author of many websites and blogs including Mukaalma,idraak and Ahleqalam.
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