India is dangerous for the peace of the world

Pakistan’s efforts for Global Peace are acknowledged and acclaimed internationally, but India is continously trying to sabotage the Peace of the region and making nefarious designs. Sometimes ago we found that an Ex COAS of Indian army Gen. Bikram Singh was talking about insurrectionist movements in Pakistan. He stated that India should have to train, finance, and support those militants who are continuously organizing terrorists attack in Pakistan, specially in the Province of Balochistan. In a media debate he clearly mentioned that India have to make such strategies which will make Pakistan internally unstable, which will sabotage the efforts of Pakistan for the Peace of the region. Moreover Indian Army’s retired Major Gaurav Arya in his statements openly talked about to sponsor rebellions in Pakistan and spend money on them, make their embassies in exile, and give indian citizenship to their top leaders .
Recently a series of terrorists attacks rocked Pakistan, amid a spike in violence in Balochistan over the past week, as at least 22 people were killed and over 50 injured in two separate blasts in Quetta and Chaman on April 12, after that another execution-style killing of 14 people including 9 armed forces personals held on Thursday morning.
These incidents are as according to those horrible designs of sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan which were presented by Gen. Bikram Singh in that debate.
Pakistan has shared with the world evidence of India’s terrorist activities and interference inside Balochistan (Pakistan).
Another huge evidence of India’s involvement in these terrorist attacks is their on duty naval officer Commander Kalbhushan yadav who was found and apprehended by Pakistan and Pakistan is hopeful to reveal the truth this time too and the world shall know.

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