India is the greatest organizer of terrorism.

India knows very well that they can never face and combat Pakistan in battle field. On the other hand rapidly progressing and rising as a peaceful nation, Pakistan is unbearable for India. So they launched and facilitated terrorism within Pakistan as a hurdle in Pakistan’s progress and peace. So India uses fickle tricks to weaken and slow down the progress of Pakistan.
Suicide Attack in Balochistan was also a part of Indian terrorism. As in this attack they targeted Hazara community according to their organized propaganda, that was a gambit to spread hatred, distrust, and enmity for each other between two sects, because if in the attack people of one sect got victimised, the other one stands under doubt baluster, and soon there would be a massive clash between two sects. But India face a great failure in this propaganda because the people who were martyred in the attack belonged to both sects.
After this failure India organized another terror activity that was about target killings. On 18 April, 2019, 16 passengers shot dead after being identified and offloaded from busses. And this activity belongs to the organisation of Aslam Achoo, “BRAS” that is working under Indian Agency RAW. The Twitter account is also being operated from India. Pardeep was running the Twitter handle of BRAS Media (terror group account).
India is highly active about spreading terrorism in Pakistan through their Active RAW agents and paid agents. They are targeting Pakistan through insurrectionist movements. And that movements are also inflated by India.. As kalbhushan Yadav revealed the truth about RAW in his Confession that during his RAW based terror operations in Karachi and Balochistan, he came to know that RAW is completely involved in terror activities of BLA which Pakistan had to suffer.
The second aim of India behind all these brutal activities is to dispel the attention of Pakistan from Kashmir, that is declared by Indian Former COAS General Bikram Singh in these words “we have to engage them in their internal affairs and they will not be able to think about that what is happening in Kashmir. And it’s only possible when we make them bleed.” These lines are clearly showing the draconian thinking of Indians about Pakistan.
Now I am going to describe India’s planning of terrorism in Pakistan that Rt. Major Gaurav Arya from Indian army described in his interview. He said, “Firstly pick up emotional and simple people, specify special huge amounts in Indian budget to pay attractive salaries to them, and give Indian citizenship to thier top hundred leaders or more of them.
Secondly, Spread Sindhi Nationalism, Baloch Nationalism, Pashtoon Nationalism, purchase lands, offices & buildings in New York, Burssels, London, Paris and on similer places in the world where you can provide terrorist training to those mentally brain washed individuals against Pakistan. We have money, the only thing we have to do is just distribution of cheques, so do it, distribute some little cheques”.

There are many other things that will prove that India is operating terrorism but at this time these are enough to show Indian brutal behaviour against Pakistan.
These terror activities in Balochistan, of Indian agency RAW and planning of terrorism of three officials are manifestly indicate the promotion of terrorism in Pakistan is organized by India.

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