India is producing terrorists in the form of Armed Forces

In any civilized society nobody can deny the occurrence of disputes and clashes between two different ideologies, but reasonable, responsible, and wise nations always try to minimize the threat of WAR just for the sake of humanity and noble human standards. Pakistan and India are the practical examples of two different ideologies. And due to some self defined aggressive reasons Indian politicians in all the past and present era, never accepted Pakistan. From the very beginning days of independence, Indian politician Indra Gandhi had spoken that India will sink the Pakistan theory into the Arabian Sea. Present Indian prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly openly confessed that India has used Indian army to help Bengali people to break Eastern Pakistan and established Bangladesh. Investigations proved that More than 16 years history of terrorist activities in Pakistan were planned in India, terrorists got militant training in India also had financial and material support from India. Indian embassies launched in Pakistan to destabilize the peace situation, and numerous innocent people ladies and children have been killed in bomb blasts in Pakistan. They are randomly and continuously violating the United Nations Rules as well as International human rights rules and regulations.
For this increasing lust of supremacy in the most critical geographically important region.
Indian political leaders as well as Indian army officials used controversial and non ethical manners.
An example for Indian invasion to ruin and destabilize Pakistan, India is deploying their in services armed forces personnels in different areas of Pakistan to d-tracked the Innocent people by patronizing them against Pakistan resulting in uprising of revolt activities in specified areas of Pakistan.
Such terrorist activities have been patronized by on duty Indian armed forces officials. There are many such examples to prove this truth, Kalbhushan Yadev is one of them. He was deputed in Pakistan by Indian intelligence agency RAW.

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