India is promoting terrorism in Pakistan

Now the terrorism acts in Balochistan are the real slap on the face of humanity but the question arising, Who is responsible for this terrorism? The statement of Bikram Singh that they (Indians) should have to promote terrorism in Pakistan is the clear proof of the involvement of India in the actions of agitations in Pakistan. The second question is, why India do such activities, although due to the reason of India camorrism spread in the environment and humanity has to face many troubles. India wants superiority from every side. The brutality of India in Kashmir is already siege mark for the representators of humanity and now by playing more with blood balls they are really dangerous for the peace of whole world. Remember that this is the India where 44% population is still living blew the line of poverty and the defensive budget of India is more than 52 billion dollars and increasing continuously and the major portion of the budget is used against the innocent civilians of Kashmir and also against the neighbor countries. The representators of human rights have to notice it and provide the basic rights of humans.

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