The Unilateral decision by Government of India.

About 70 years have passed since India Brutally occupied Kashmir. During these hours, (Muslim) Natives of Kashmir are being suffered severely. Every Upcoming day proves itself a new Torment of Hell for Kashmiris. Every Sun rises there, to burn them. Every Night falls to leave them in hopeless and despaired darkness. Every Valley is filled with the Blood of Youth and every woman is dishonored.

Heaven-like Valleys of Kashmir, there was a time when it was Perfumed with fragrance, but Now filled with stinkness of gun powder. A Valley which was a day, full of resonances of bird’s chirpings now is under tumults of bullets and blasts of bombs. Environment is full of Outcry announcements of Guiltless and Innocent Civilians being martyred. But One Another Kind of voice there, ” Kashmir banega Pakistan ” Pakistan Zindaabaad ” and ” Lay ke rahiengay Aazaadi “.

After Demolishing Article 35A and 370, Indians thought about new geographical borders. Modi and his companions expressed and considered this verdict like a Conquest. Although, This Verdict has made the base of their destruction more stronger and deeper. This Verdict seems to be hazardous for Indian Govt in Future.

Whole Valley seems like a Jail. Despite of 8 hundred thousand Indian Soldiers there, India Deployed more 10 hundred thousand of troops in the Valley. Whole valley is under curfew at the moment. Internet and Mobile Phones services are Suspended. Overseas tourists and Journalists are already taken out of Valley .

No Human Right Organization is Permitted to enter Kashmir. Whole world is looking at these Indian steps with Suspicion. This worst Aristocratic Verdict has revealed India’s real and disgusting side to the whole world.

Another damage, due to this verdict India is having that, Kashmir’s pupit Leaders who used to sings the songs in favor of the Indian government, now showing their concerns in the way that their elders did well to choose Pakistan.

After decades when India Kicked Faruq Abdullah, Umar Abdullah and Mehbuba Mufti out with such a disgrace and irreverence, they are getting the point.

This Verdict Dishanded India with such Dreadful weapons.

Special Degree that is delivered to Kashmir also delivered to Aasaam, Nagaland, Manipur, Sikam, Aandhara Pardes, Guwa, Meez o Ram, Gujraat, Arunachal Pardes and Maharashtara constitutionally .

Snatching the Particular Identity of Kashmir has intensified other independence movements in India as ‘ Next ‘ were those and Kashmir acts like their line of defense. The local parties of Naga Land have declared this verdict as an oppression on Kashmiris and threatened India for its serious consequences.

Including congress, all other opposition parties have declared this verdict, a threat on Indian security. Opposing parties are contradicing Modi govt openly. Indian cities are full of protests against this verdict.

UN, OIC, Amnesty international and other International human right institutes have declared this verdict of India, Contradicting to human rights.

Pakistan has a Powerful Stance on Kashmir. Pakistan has been raising the voice of Kashmir on every forum. The diplomatic endeavors of Pakistan , indicate that Pakistanis would never compromise on their Kashmiri brothers.

We are Full confident on our State and Army. Kashmiris are already busy in freedom struggle against India but this verdict has Heightened their Hate and Enmity for India. This verdict Fired up Kashmiris and indeed the day is near, When this Fire will destroy the whole India.

Conclusion: India is facing foreign opposition as well as interior resistance. Keeping all these facts in mind, It is not difficult to estimate that Amending Article 370 in Kashmir, will prove as a proper and complete destruction of India, very soon.


CDC Team of Pakistan

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