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Imran khan A True Leader of Muslim Umah

Some people are very weird, saying that such emotional speeches have been made by different leaders in the past, like Imran khan did, but there’s no policies of any country have been ever re-arranged or changed by such emotional speeches, but i would say that whoever had delivered such emotional speeches in the past, at that time, there was neither electronic media nor social media, so that the people would get the message easily and to differentiate true and falsehood. Even if the newspaper were published, either those were not reachable to the public to get information about the current affairs. So people were unaware about politics then. Now there is lot of difference between past and present, people have become aware of every current affair and they know the ups and downs of the politics especially yougsters. This is 21st century and the youth are aware of everything happening in the world either politics or something else. This a time of sceintific gadgets and machines and lives of people are growing very fast. If it would be mentioned that not only the policies of the coutries of the global world would have been changed by the speeches, but the ideology and thinkings of people would have been changed and take a flight to the skies and lift up the nations. Pakistan have eventually got a brave, faithful, straight forward and an ideological leader like Imran khan and it is a luckiest time for the nation and the state that he is an effective personlity and very famous in all over the world by his cricketing heroism and a clean, faithful and a brave politician, and by the speeches of such leaders change the fates of nations and the policies of the global world. Imran khan has the capability to lead Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah with his brave decisions and the faith given by Allah to him.
On 27th of september 2019, Imran khan delivered a tremendous and remarkable speech in UNGA, where the world’s leaders have come to present the policies of their countires to the united nations and the global world. His speech was about some different things especially kashmir and he deliberately marked his words in the minds and hearts of the representators of different countries in the house. He then highlighted and clearified the teachings of Prophet ( P.B.U.H) and Muslim Ummah that there’s one Islam and that is peaceful and it is Prophet’s ( P.B.U.H) Islam which has been presented and understood wrongly by the enemies of Islam and the world called it redical and terrorist Islam. He made the world to understand that there’s one Islam and it is not redical but peaceful and the western world took it very badly and descrated the religion. No one has right to descrate any religion especially Islam and it cannot be beared the blesphemy of our Islam and Prophet (P.B.U.H). It is very painful and crushes the hearts of muslims when someone blespheme of Prophet ( P.B.U.H) Moreover, Imran khan showed the fascism of Narendra Modi regime ( RSS/BJP ) which has ridiculised and oppressed the innocent kashmiris by putting curfew from 2 months and siezed and sieged the lives of Old, Orphan, Women ( pregnant/sick ), Schools, Hospitals, Food, Communication e.t.c by depolying 1 million army troops/personnels. Moving ahead, in his speech, Imran khan warned the world, to not ridiculise the Islam and Prophet (P.B.U.H). If it would happened, then world will be responsible for its own destruction. He warned Narendra Modi and the world that if the kashmiris would’ve not been given their rights of self-determination of not lift up the curfew, then we believe in La Ilaha Illallah ( there is no god but one, only Allah ) and it is our faith and we will fight till our last drop our blood and it’s consequences will go far beyond the world because of two nuclear countries collision and also our faith is upon jihad. How much bravely he warned the world with his bravity and Allah put the words and love and passion into his heart for Prophet (P.B.U.H ) and Muslim Ummah and his roar was like lion king, his words were like sword, his piercing voice put a fear into the hearts of listners and made and jolt into the hall and marked his words a last warning to the world that, ” it’s enough “, no one can blespheme our Prophet ( P.B.U.H ) and our peaceful Islam. Why won’t we muslims be proud on Imran khan’s bravity and his affection, deep intesive love for Prophet ( P.B.U.H ) and Islam, who has been gifted with a faith and responsiblity to protecting the credibility and reputation of Islam and making him the leader of Muslim Ummah. We all muslims pay him a tribute and greatings with love, who highlighted the real and Islam of our prophet ( P.B.U.H ) to the global world with his bravity and Allah choose him as a leader of Muslim Ummah. Allah will honor or humiliate whom He wills, and Allah gives a huge honor to Imran khan and he deserves.

Article by: Muhammad Gulzar Ali

CDC Team of Pakistan

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