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Leader of Nation, Imran khan

A leader builds a nation, motivates, educates, priorities and strengthens a nation where the justice equalized to all human beings as what color they have or what religion they practice. This is what our Prophet (peace be upon him) established in state of madinah and had given equal rights to everyone. That’s what imran khan always gives the example of state of madinah where justice and equality prevailed and he wants to follow the wisdom of Prophet (peace be upon him) and wants establishing the similar sort of human rights, justice and equality in the state of Pakistan and he wants to make Pakistan as a model of the state of madinah.

Eventually, we feel proud of Imran khan that we’ve got a brave, courageous, determined, faithful leader like him and he can build Pakistan a peaceful, prosperous and proud nation in the world. He has a capability to show the peaceful and proud face of islam and pakistan and we got a tremendous gift from Allah in the face of Imran khan.

A past day, the remarkable speech of Imran khan in UNGA touched the hearts of Muslims and all over the peaceful world where Imran khan shows his will to prevail peace over violence and he won lot of hearts and prayings.

May Allah gives him a long life and success and protect him from scoundrells and culprits.

Article by: Muhammad Gulzar Ali

CDC Team of Pakistan

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