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Aero Engine built by a Pakistani engineer Dr. Sarah Qureshi.

Dr. Sara Qureshi, daughter of Pakistan, created history with her revolutionary invention in aerospace engineering to eradicate environmental pollution.
She studied aerospace engineering in the UK and started this research during her Ph.D. After returning home, she planned to develop an engine to to eradicate air pollution. She set upon work on her research with the help of his father, Masood Latif Qureshi. Its aim is to contain the smoke generated by the burning of aeroplanes in the atmosphere.
This talented aerospace engineer from Pakistan claims that the aircraft she is developing will transform the smoke from the plane into water, resulting in zero air pollution. The lab has begun to manufacture theses engines since last year, will be completed in six years. A laboratory has been set up in Islamabad for this purpose.
Dr. Sara Qureshi is working on developing an engine that is eco-friendly, will be used in passenger aircraft.
Plans are being executed to contain environmental pollution on urgent basis all over the world. But most of the focus is on reducing pollution on the ground.
This talented aerospace engineer from Pakistan, Dr. Sara Qureshi, along with her father, has created a private company that is developing pollution-free engines for aircrafts.
Producing an environmental-friendly aircraft engine for the first time in Pakistan’s private sector will bring up the country’s role to the overcome the challenges of unsusual climate change due to global pollution.

Dr. Sara Qureshi believes that after this success, eco-friendly technology will be promoted in Pakistan, as being practised worldwide. In this way, Pakistan will also be able to play its part in eradicating environmental pollution, as it is vital for the lives of the people of Pakistan, like the rest of the world.

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