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Pak Army is the Guarantee of Pakistan’s eternity..!

“For Pakistan state to collapse, it is basically Pakistan Army which has to collapse.” Christine Fair

She is absolutely right. This is what happens when you have lived and worked entire breathing moment of your adult life with innermost hatred for something and still you could not accomplish that you were originally set out to do, your desires don’t come to fruition and you are left nothing more than an old notional hag.

And also this is not an observation but a heart felt wish she has..! All her whining are crying is like, “Hey look me and some of my colleagues want Pakistan to collapse and have worked so hard to this end, but look at this evil country and it’s evil army has frustrate all our efforts…! they’re so evil.”

But on a positive note, she is slowly coming to terms with the reality that she will take her wish of a collapsed Pakistan to her grave with her..! In sha Allah. This will keep burning her heart till the end…!

CDC team of Pakistan

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