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Defenders of the homeland’s front line ideological and geographical boundaries.

This reality is really a cause of anxiety for those who are busy in lapidation on Pakistan from outside, that despite of many forecasts of Anti-Pakistan conjurers and warlocks, Pakistan is still in full force on the global scene. The survival of Pakistan’s integrity and sovereignty is possible only by the blessings and special mercy of Allah and for the attainment of this greatest goal, countless anonymous achievements of mujahids of such an institution that is led by the wealth of love of the homeland.
Which is known by the world as Directorate of Inter Services Intelligence or more commonly known as Inter-Services Intelligence and ISI.

The largest and honourable secret intelligence institution with its sincere love for homeland, and a great defender of Pakistan’s ideological backbone and geographical boundaries. It was created to protect the interests of the country and to eliminate premature noxiousness of enemy agents. Prior to the formation of the ISI, the Intelligence Bureau (I.B) and the Military Intelligence (M.I) were working.

But there was a need of an organization to counter the vicious collusion between the enthusiast enemies involved in conspiracies against Pakistan. Such an organization that would be professional and passionate to remove all the underground snakes from the page of existence.

The soldiers of the Almighty Allah, are sent down as a massage of expiration for the enemies of Pakistan. This institute came into existence on January 2, 1948. And from the day of its inception to the present day, ISI has been committed to the task of overseeing the security of Pakistan, within and outside the borders of the homeland. Maarkhor logo of ISI was created by renowned creative designer Shahzad Nawaz, that is highlighting the importance of ISI’s work around the world.

The performance of the Mujahdeen working in the ISI network can be gauged from the fact that on the national and international level the most popular topic related to Pakistan, is about the performance of Pakistan Army and ISI. Other than that they probably do not find any other topic to talk about.
US, UK, India, Afghanistan and some of the so-called analysts of other countries and their followers in Pakistan are working together with all their might, by propagating and spreading conspiracies against Pak army and the guarantor institutions of Pakistan and national security to end the love and affections of Pakistani people for their forces.The root cause of all this vociferation of ISI’s enemies is the pragmatic work of this honourable organization, and the work itself speaks.

From the beginning of the Soviet Union invasion and occupation on Afghanistan, until now you will find thousands of US and NATO troops, tanks, cannons and warships and also you will find numerous intelligence agencies around the world with all their equipments in Afghanistan. And they appear vibrant and engaged with the army. They all have always been the same target and this reality is not hidden from anyone that staying in Afghanistan and committing every possible effort to harm Pakistan.

But with the special mercy and help of Allah, ISI, alone, defeated all these forces and intelligence agencies in a historic defeat and ensured Pakistan’s defense. Thousands of officers and Jawan, armed and civilians, sacrificed for Pakistan, but did not let enemy agencies succeed.

By failing to defeat ISI on the battlefields and secret fronts, the enemies of Pakistan have launched a campaign which purpose in their thinking is military circles will suffer from internal tensions, on the other hand, feelings of their people for forces such as love, trust and reliance can also be reduced.
Of course, many Pakistani mercenary journalists, greedy politicians, covetous analysts, and so called thinkers are playing a prominent role in this campaign.

But for all of them, the message of the entire Pakistani nation is that the respectable people of Pakistan are known by the the importance, sincerity, diligence, sacrifices of ISI for Pakistan.They are fully aware of their determination.
Affections of lion heart sons of soil take a place in the heart of every sincere and loyal Pakistani and this is undoubtedly the result of such generous services of our brave unsung heroes.

Article by: Marah Badeea
CDC team of Pakistan

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