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A brief definition of Qadianism.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed founded this Qadian movement in 1889 in Ludhiana. He proclaimed himself as a prophet and declared to attain divine revelations. Many contradictions were found in his beliefs if compared to Islamic system of values and could easily be attributed as anti Islam. Muhammad( peace be upon him) is the Last Prophet in Islam whereas qadiani believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmed to be the last prophet. Likewise they created their own companions of the prophet. Khatmi Nabuwwat movement was launched in 1953 in order to contain these evil practices and ten thousands Muslims got martyrdom in riots.
After the creation of Pakistan, these evil stooges were given a chance to prove their worth in the National Assembly for full thirteen days by hearing their side.They were completely thwarted and discredited. After a resolution being passed in the National Assembly to amend two Articles in the Constitution of Pakistan, it was unanimously resolved to declare Qadianis as Non- Muslims.They were strictly prohibited to use teachings of Islam.

There were factors which led to these sanctions mainly their violation of the amended articles of the law such as introducing themselves as Muslims, limiting jihad by literature not in battlefield and printing controversial and blasphemous literature in their religious publications,
Qadian in Pakistan

The Ahmedia community was declared as non-Muslims through an amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan by the National Assembly in 1974.The president of Pakistan General Muhammad Zia ul Haq brought forth an Anti Qadian Ordinance in 1974 and imposed strict sanctions on different spheres of life of Qadianis. Under this Ordinance, Qadianis were not allowed to greet like Muslims, could not entitle their place of worship as mosques, were not allowed to say adhan, could not recite, could not propogate their faith either by written or spoken or by visible representation. All above were allocated as serious criminal offence and were punishable according to Article 298 B and 298 C in the Law.
Qadianis rejected this Ordinance but it was settled full and final by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in Zaheer ud din Vs. State(SCMR 1718 1993).
After the prosecution of this Ordinance ,
Qadians were left no excuse to preach their faith as Islam or to introduce themselves as Muslims.
Just as believers of Jesus are called Christians, believers of Moses are known as Jews and only those who believe in the final prophethood of Muhammad can declare themselves as Muslims.It is highly precedented for Qadians to acknowledge the final prophethood of Muhammad if they want to be declared as Muslims.

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