Armed Forces

Pakistan is the powerful country in defence capabilities.

Global Firepower issued its list of 2019,
In which the arm forces of 137 countries are compared internationally and categorically ranked the most powerful arm forces of the world.
This list constructed after inspecting the Man Power, geographical condition of each country, logistic capabilities of forces and the available natural resources along with defense facts, armed forces of 25 countries were regarded as the most powerful armed forces of the world.
In this list bonus point has given to countries possesses tactical nuclear weapons.
This list also estimates about the number of weapons and their manipulation in field.
Pakistan armed forces are ranked 15th most powerful Army of the world in the Global Fire Power list.
Here this is also important to know that the total defense budget of Pakistan is just $7 billions US while Man Power is 12 Lacs and 4 thousands.
America is at the top in this list, Rusia got second place, China third and India is at fourth place.
In Global Fire Power report, in terms of defense capabilities pakistan is regarded as much powerful than India instead of being 7 times smaller than India.
In the international raking of Air forces of 137 countries, Global Fire Power ranked pakistan at 7 position.
Pakistan Air vigilance is consist of 1342 aircrafts, In which 348 are fighter aircrafts.
Also included 2200 Combat tanks, Naval equipments are 197 in which submarines, missile Carrier boats and advanced navigation fighter jets are included.

CDC team of Pakistan

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