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Col. Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi, a lionheart son of soil.

In the defense of Islam and beloved mother land, we have been staying stick on our borders with wounded bodies. We have been doing since 14 hundred years. The for most Mujahideen of Islam fought with the great lessons of bravery, willingness and faithfullness those were learned from their masters and followed the footsteps of their masters. Words like determination and adherence compulsively paying tribute to these Mujahideen of Islam.

Mujahideen of Pakistan Army maintained this great tradition of sarifices and bravery. leutinent colonal Syed Raza Abbas reached back on his duty. This faithful, brave and devoted son of the nation, lost half of his body in operation at Dera Bugti in 2006. He requested Pakistan Army for rejoining that he further wants to serve his contry and nation because his body is not incapacitate his will…!

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