Armed Forces

Devout and devoted soldiers of Pakistan Army, who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Islam and Pakistan.

These devout and devoted soldiers of Pakistan, who presented their lives for the sake of Islam and Pakistan, embraced with martyrdom, as well as sent a lot of enemies to the hell.

All the soldiers of Pakistan and Islam, are bravely ready to die for their country and prove to be the lead wall in front of the enemy. And they are ready at all times to defend their homeland.

On August 15, the Indian Army launched a vicious attack on the LOC by opening their firearms and killing innocent villagers, the villagers did not prove their demeanor.
In the face of this firing attack these soldiers of Pakistan army opened their fire weapons and sent a lot of hellish Indian soldiers to the hell. And in the meantime these devious lions gave their lives and got martyred. May Allah raise the rank of these martyrs.

Every devoted soldier of Pakistan is ready to receive martyrdom at all times and are invading the enemy with their zeal.

May Allah make my homeland Pakistan the stronghold of Islam and give strength and passion to Pakistan Army. Ameen

CDC team of Pakistan

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