Armed Forces

Our soldiers sacrifice their Desires and Delights for our protection.

The festival of Eid ul Adha is an occasion in which everyone wants to spend this moment with their families, but there are certain duties for which our Armed Forces sacrifice their desires.

The guardians of this beloved country were standing alert at their designated places while the nation was engaged in the preparation of the Eid.

These young men were present on their duty where any unexpected bullet could pierce their chests. They know very well that but they always deserved the highest accolades, protecting the security of the country and the nation.

While everyone was gathering in their homes after the Eid prayer on the morning of Eid, they were still standing on their duty, which duty had become even harder because of the wicked aims enemies.

A warm salute to our defenders and their sacrifices, May Allah bless them and protect them.

CDC team of Pakistan

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