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Manzoor Pashteen, legal aspects of arrest…!

Head of PTM, organization Manzoor Pashteen has been arrested, which believes in voilence and linguistic prejudice. This arrest came into the result of Manzoor Pashteen treachery and his anti-state narrative.
According to sources, on 18 January, 2020, Manzoor Pashteen gave a mutinous statement based on voilence.
Addressing to the public gathering, Manzoor Pashteen said, that I don’t acknowledge to the 1973 constitution. This constitution is incorrect and against the human rights. The constitution basically drafted for the purpose of Punjabi majority and Pushtuns to be remain in minority. Aftermath, used anti-state threatening language, intended to provoke simpleton pushtuns for anti state activities. Pashteen is provoking and inviting pushtuns on treasons for a separate state, trying to create state within state.
Manzoor Pashteen was arrested for his crime of spreading aggravation, among pushtuns. Several times, Manzoor Pashteen has breached constitution of Pakistan.
If we just listen to the speech of Manzoor Pashteen, we can easily understand the articles of constitution he breached.
He has committed the following activities which are crimes according to Pakistan Penal Code.
By breaching article 123-A, He has criticised on the establishment of the state and advocated for the end of State liberty.
According to the Pakistan Panel Code, punishment for this crime is 10 years work imprisonment along with penalty.
According to the Pakistan Panel Code, breaching article 124-A, the punishment of treason is life imprisonment and with penalty.

By voilating article 120-B, the punishment in PPC for being involvement in the criminal conspiracy against state is 2 years work imprisonment, or if judge wants, both life imprison and penalty can be given.
Article 153-A, spreading enemity among different groups will receive a punishment of 2 years, imprisonment along with penalty.
Breaching article 506, by giving criminal threats, will be given punishment of imprisonment and penalty.

Its not just first time for PTM, making fun of the constitution but PTM has also never left behind a chance to breach constitution. It will not be wrong, that PTM is based on the fact of anti state activities as now opposing and critising on constitution. We have multiple examples of that. In an vedio Manzoor Pashteen has provoked pushtuns for making a separate state. Manzoor Pashteen has been repeatedly saying that, Pushtuns need a separate state because Punjabis are the enemies of Pushtuns. Through giving this sort of statements, Manzoor Pashteen has been consistently trying to divide the nation on the basis of prejudicial linguistics. Whereas, the Pushtun nation completely rejected this narrative.

Mohsin Dawar has also been saying repeatedly, that the FATA oppression was the genocide of Pushtun tribes. But they had never given the answer that why Mohsin Dawar was demanding for FATA oppression and was the first one who raised his voice in support of the FATA oppression? In this regard his tweets are the solid proofs.
All sort of culprits are ahead in support of the PTM.
Including head of the unislamic ideological organization “Aware Girls” Gulalai Ismail, who has made fun of the constitution by blaming Islam and veil, in the name of women rights.

Waqas Gurayya who is an atheist and is famous for promoting anti-Islam pages, has arrested for this crime. Then cause of the political pressure of Asma Jahangir, he was given a safe way to run to foreign country, by the head of the political and democratic party.

Mama Qadeer was at the front in killing and massacring people on the basis of linguistic and created chaos in Balochistan.
Even Afghan presedent, Ashraf Ghani who by himself involved in the killing of million of Pushtuns.
Beside these, every person who is against Pakistan, Pakistan Army and Islam, will be seen as supporting PTM.

Confirmation of Manzoor Pashteen’s all crimes is available in a video of his speech in the Bannu mass meeting, where he was provoking the Pashtuns people to incite violent acts on the basis of linguistic prejudices, and also he was instigating the people for killing security forces personnel and encouraging people to riot.

Based on a speech of Manzoor Pashteen that he has delivered in Bannu mass meeting, The FIR was registered in the police station of Dera Ismail Khan and Peshawar Police arrested him with the requirements of the law in compliance with the FIR registered, and presented him to the court from where the honourable court ordered that sent him to jail on 14 days physical remand.

PTM and it’s linguistic based prejudicous companion politicians again propagating against his arrest that Manzoor Pashteen has been illegally arrested by agencies of security forces, While the fact is that Manzoor Pashteen has been arrested in compliance with the law.
The rest of the matter is now being heard in court and awaiting its verdict.

Article by: Aisha Awaan
Translated by: Ihsan Khan

CDC team of Pakistan

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