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Air Cheif Marshall Mujahid Anwar Khan announces the delivery of all funds required for free Hepatitis-C screening camp.

Let’s meet you some special people, who are the first ones to reached out to hot desert, Thar. These are the people, who have six eyes. These are the people, no one can confront them, when stand by, on our borders.These are the ones, who helped their nation in earthquake.These are the ones,who said “Adsum”(yes) at the call of nation at ‘2’ O clock in the blood clotting Cold nights of Murree and rescued them.These are the ones, at the cost of their blood we regained peace in the city of lights.These are the ones, who wasted their adolescence for the sake of this nation on the mountains of Siachin, faced very harsh weather conditions without basic stuff.

These are the ones, who accepted martyrdom and kicked over 300 square acres of land.These are the ones, of whose an intelligence colonal fought on front line. These are the people, even who have sacrificed their generals. These are the ones, at the cost of whose blood, beauty of Sawat restored once again.These are the ones, who always said “Adsum” (present) whenever called by nation and took upon explosives on their own bodies, coming towards you.
Remember, you know just few of them but you don’t know those thousands.These are the ones, who pay more taxes than anyone else.

If someone has doubt this, search for it.I will continue to write, you continue to read but their sacrifices, services and love for this nation will never end.
Today, when nation is troubled by a malady Hepatitis-C, here again the “Space Creature” said we are.
Yes, on July, 29 at the occasion of international hepatitis day, head of PAF, Air Cheif Marshall Mujahid Anwar Khan addressed, a symposium held in the PAF civil hospital Islamabad.
Air Marshall appreciated, free Hepatitis-C screening camp and said that all required funds will be provided by PAF to PAF civil hospital, for free Hepatitis-C screening camp.
So that, if any childe or person affected by Hepatitis-C, can be diagnosed in time and treatment can be start in time as well .
Frankly tell me, if PAF had has not to do so, there would be no effect on PAF?
According to the criticizers, their job is defense not social work, which they are doing in good manner. Why not to respond to this feelings, enthusiasm and affection for the nation with love, respect and prayers?
Why not to support them?
They not only sacrificed their lives but also there is a long list of social works done for this nation.

My brother, just think a bit, if somewhere there is explosives around you, you will find all doors closed.
Only if someone can help and can be shield for you, the name will be “SOLDIER”.

CDC team of Pakistan.

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