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Major General Asif Ghafoor the person who defeated the anemiesbin his serious and dignified tone will always be a torch light for the youth.

In the history of Pakistan as DGISPR Sir, Major General Asif Ghafoor will always be remembered with his unique style.

The love of Pakistani nation for the Pakistan Army is not hide from anyone.But this love for pakistan Army increased by the hard work, affection and deligenc of Sir Asif Ghafoor, fulfilled his duty with best ace.
Thus all of your guise are commendable but some of your words will always be remembered.
“You can’t make surprise us, but we will surprise you”.
“We will fight till last bullet and last soldier”.
“We are the ones who commence with Allah-o- Akbar and finish with Allhamdullillah”.
No doubt, the personality of Sir Asif Ghafoor is full of reliance, authenticity and firmness on his words.Even when world was entrapped in propaganda war, Sir responded to that propaganda with truth and solid proofs.India, the ultimate enemy of Pakistan, its propaganda machinery, websites and media which spread false flag propaganda was totally countered with authentic, solid proofs.This exposed the reality of India and increased the honour of Pakistan.

ISPR countered Indian propaganda with great policies and that’s why world realized, ISPR is the only source of authentic information which is the victory of Pakistan in fifth generation war.

The actual power of ISPR was seen, after the Indian false flag Pulwama attack when India tried to impose war on Pakistan.Pakistan responded marvelously, with 100% solid proofs and credentials in warefare and announced a surprise for India.

Pakistan Air Force shoot down two Indian fighter jets and arrested Abhinendan, proved the war dominance of Pakistan.
ISPR is popular among pakistani nation, as Sir Asif Ghafoor trained pakistan nation, how to fight against propaganda? Which is based on patriotism and sacrifices of Pak Army.
We congratulate, Major General Asif Ghafoor on successfully completing his tenure as DG ISPR and as GCO Okara, praying for his promotion to leutinent general rank.

CDC team of Pakistan.

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