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UK acknowledged the better law and order situation of Pakistan.

Indian media has been doing propaganda that Pakistan is a terrerist state and Pakistanis are terrerists etc etc. But world is watching that how Pakistan became victim of terrerism and how much hard work done by Pakistan to defeat fifteen years long gorilla war and became first ever country to got victory over terrerism.
All this became possible due to Pakistani nation whose courage never get down, then no doubt this is the result of the unforgettable sacrifices and high courage of brave armed forces, agencies and security forces of Pakistan. Today world is also seeing that who are terrerists? And what is terrerism? Certain countries of the world, one after other are recognizing the sacrifices of Pakistan against terrerists and for sure one day whole world will accept that Pakistan is the only victor country over terrerism on its destiny towards peace.
UK acknowledged the better law and order situation of Pakistan and announced ease on restrictions over travel for its citizens. Mentioning about those changes UK citizens will be allowed to travel up to northern area Kailash and other different tourist places of Pakistan.
Acknowledging these efforts British airways restarted its flights to Pakistan last year.
British high commissioner said that I am really happy that UK citizens can now much enjoy the beautiful tourist places of Pakistan.
Remember that British Prince and Princess has also enjoyed their visit to Lahore and beautiful northern areas of Pakistan.
This journey of peace will never stop now.

CDC team of Pakistan.

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