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Pak Army rescued the flood victims in Chitral (KPK), more than 70 people have been moved to safest places.

Chitral region of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa has been facing a natural disaster, flood for many days. Raise in temperature melts glaciers at rapid rate, which causing flood conditions and affected many areas of Chitral. Many people were besieged in these areas, due to the flood in rivers and wails.
District administration and National Disaster Management Authority appealed to Pakistan army for auxiliary operations. Pakistan army reacted immediately and started rescue operations. Pakistan army delivered medicine and food through helicopter, to the people of affected areas, while 70 people who were entrapped have been transferred to safe zones.
Once again Pakistan army, proved to be not only our guardians but also reinforcers. They are always ready to cope with any natural disaster, that’s why Pakistani nation heartily love its Army and has kept prestigious position in their hearts and minds. This candle of true love and affection for Pakistan army will always be enlighten by the people of Pakistan.

CDC team of Pakistan.

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