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The French military conferred medals to brave pilots of Pakistan Army Aviation, who rescued French mountaineer from the Nanga Parbat.

Nanga Parbat, which is the world’s 9th and Pakistan’s 2nd most highest peak. Cause of it’s location and altitude it is very dangerous and is known as Killer Mountain. Where it is the favorite peak of the people who love adventure, there many mountaineers also lost their lives, climbing this mountain.

Days ago mountaineer Elizabeth who belonged to France and her co mountaineer, who had been miserably trapped while trying to climb up Nanga Parbat peak. Elizabeth called for rescue from 7400 metres altitude. Responding to this call the quick, hale and hearty Pakistan army was fully prepared and immediately started rescue oppression and timely rescued French mountaineer and successfully saved the honour of Pakistan and Pakistan army.
Brave pilot and soldiers of Pakistan army who timely helped the tourists and successfully completed rescue oppression, was awarded with French Defense Branze Medal by Commander French Joint Force of Indian ocean.

CDC team salutes and is paying tribute to its incomparable and brave Pakistan army.

CDC team of Pakistan.

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