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The aviation pilots of Pakistan army successfully rescued two foreign mountaineer Donald Allen and Lota Henrica in a successful rescue operation, who were trapped in Baltoru Glaciers.

Pakistan arm forces have always been a trustworthy, praiseworthy, helpful and Saviour to the nation with their tactical capabilities , professional skills and spirit of human welfare. Whenever anyone called for help Pakistan arm forces always came forward to prove their best performance.
This year lots of tourists visited Pakistan, who were also sometimes caught in hard circumstances due to sudden extreme weather conditions, even public had to face troubles at larg scale, due to severe weather.
like at many other occasions in the past, this year also Pakistan arm forces stood with the local civil administration in the time of need and proceeded with zeal in rescue activities.
In january 2020 , following to the special instructions of Army Chief General Qamar Jawaid Bajwa, Pakistan army rescued people who were confounded in snow fall in areas of Sharda, Sargan, Baqwali and Turbat. In this operation army used helicopter to save the lives and property damage of the people.
Besides,Pakistan arm forces rescued the students of LUMS who were circumscribed in Gilgit, due to heavy snow fall and land sliding twenty two students of lUMS University were circumscribed for five days in Gilgit. Pakistan army immediately acted on the special instructions of army chief rescued the students and safely transferred them to Lahore.
In the same month of january an estimate was made regarding the damage done by snow fall in Balochistan and Azad Kashmir, mean while army aviation using its professional skills and in collaboration with civil aviation performed rescue operation. Pakistan arm forces showed its utmost support in rescue operations whenever there occured any natural disaster in the country.
Pakistan army is not only saving the lives of the Pakistani people but also created a sublime instance of hospitality by rescuing Russian mountaineer tourists. Russian mountaineers were circumscribed in Latok hill which is approximately 20 thousand and 6 hundred feet high. Army aviation despite of heavy snow fall and dense clouds while performing the first rescue operation of its own type transferred the mountaineers safely to Skardu.
Last days soldiers of Pakistan army while putting their lives at risk performed a succesful rescue operation and rescued two more foreign mountaineers, who were circumscribed in Baltoru glaciers. Mountaineers were sick near Baltoru glaciers because of severe weather conditions and their lives were at risk.
Since the creation of Pakistan up till now whenever public needed Pakistan arm forces they always affirmed. Today all possible experiments are being done to discourage Pakistan arm forces, but the relation of public with arm forces is unbreakable which can never be broken.

CDC team of Pakistan.

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