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Pakistan will not allow its soil to be used against anyone and will play its role to secure peace in the region.

One of the private channel anchor raised question on the meeting of Army Cheif with Mike Pompeo, rumours are also circulating that Pakistan is going to be ally with America against its all time enemy Iran?
Responding to this question and rumours, DG ISPR said that, when I see social media lots of similar rumours are circulating on social media and unfortunately some well known people talk consider it too. This is not their first time. Army Cheif has very important role in Afghan peace negotiation and maintaining regional security.
In this perspective, he talked about and foreign office also issued its statement. DG ISPR requested to media and public that only take into consideration news coming from relaible sources.
India is leading to spread this sort of rumours and propaganda against Pakistan, you should avoid these rumours to take into consideration. He said that we restored peace in Pakistan after many sacrifices. We will play our best role in maintaining peace in the region and we’ll not become part of any act destroying peace of the region.
An anchor asked about Indian army Cheif, who gave threatening statements after being taken his designation as new Cheif. DG ISPR, said that I have listened his statements and will only say, that he is trying to make his position on new designation as army Cheif. But he is not new in the army, he better knows the situation of this region and the capabilities of Pakistan army as well. He is not new comer as on February 27, he was also a part of Indian army. Asif Ghafoor said that we hope they will not leave their wisdom.Pakistan army knows how to defend its country and India better knows this reality. We want peace in the region but will not compromise on our national security.
Instead of giving threats to Pakistan, Indian army cheif should end the ongoing seig in Indian occupied Kashmir and should stop the voilence and oppressions. They should play their role to stop the ongoing abuses and oppressions happening in India under Hindutwa nationalist ideology. Otherwise the path India follows, will lead to destruction by itself.
Asif Ghafoor said that our Prime Minister and Army Cheif made it clear to the world that, we will not allow our soil to be used against anyone and will always play its role to secure peace in the region.

CDC team of Pakistan.

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