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COAS General Qamar Jawaid Bajwa, provided air ambulance to shift obese Noor Ul Hassan to the hospital.

A disease in which this brother can not properly eats, drinks, sets, wakes and sleeps. There is suffering, pain and distress of treatment but its risky to travel by means of land transport and can’t afford by air means.
When this news reached out to Chief Of Army Staff, General Qamar Jawaid Bajwa through some social media sources. He immediately provided air ambulance and ordered for every possible assistance. Army acted on this and carried this brother to the hospital with the help of air ambulance service.
Here too, nobody cared about, nobody listened, nobody showed love and nobody salved his wounds. If someone has showed love and was a messiah for him, that is the only Pakistan Army. After doing all this for us, Some of the ignorant friends who are misguided by foreign agenda, still abuse to these well wishers of the nation. Whenever we called upon to them, they always said “Yes” to our voices in situations prevailing explosives and put out the fire with their blood. Think, they are our brothers your brothers, not foreigners just wearing uniform, clean up your hearts and minds and yell “Pakistan Army Zindabad” to tell the world that this nation knows better its well wishers and can’t be entrapped in any propaganda.

CDC team of Pakistan.

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