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Govt completed police stations in 3 sub division Wanna, Sarwokai and Laddah of South Waziristan.

Waziristan and other FATA districts, of the most important province Khyber Pukhtunkhwa had become a stronghold for the spare terrerists of MOSAAD, CIA, RAW and NDS for more than two decades. Enemies had been invested billions of dollars to misdirect and provoke innocent, sincere people against Pakistan. They had created an atmosphere of fear and terror by the bloodshed of countless innocent lives.
However, all investment done by the enemies against Pakistan, including India has been eradicated by the mercy of Almighty Allah and by the determination and resolution of Pakistan army.
Now state writ has been established in each corner of the FATA districts.
After FATA mergence, public circles are strongly demanding for establishing, Police station in Waziristan and other FATA districts.
In the foresight of this inveterate public demand, government had announced to establish Police stations in all FATA districts, and Waziristan. Govt completed Police stations in 3 sub division Wanna, Sarwokai and Laddah of South Waziristan.
Restoring peace in FATA districts is not bearing by Afghanistan, America and India (TTP), that’s why people feeding on their dollars,are doing emphatic propaganda. Whereas sincere and patriotic people of the area are very happy on establishing these police stations.
Now it is necessary to maintain this atmosphere of peace and comfort for ever in FATA districts and every step taken in this regard would be supported by the people and government.

CDC team of Pakistan.

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