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Pakistani student developed “Smart Shoes” for blind people which can detect barriers within 200 cm radius.

There is no difficiency of such people in Pakistan, who use their abilities to facilitate the lives of others. Undoubtedly such people are the assets of the nation. One of them is Shanza Munir a student from Faisalabad, who has developed a tool to help the blind people. Shanza Munir is an IT student at Government College and University Faisalabad, who has developed smart shoes to facilitate the blind people.
Shanza says that real purpose behind the development of smart shoes is to help the elderly and blind people by using technology that will make them easier to walk. With the help of these shoes, the elderly and the blind people can detect barriers within a radius of 200 cm. It will alert shoe wearers through sound and vibration, which will work through a rechargeable battery. Manufacturing of this shoes will cost around 10000 to 12000 Pakistani rupees. However if shoes are manufactured on a larger scale, the cost may be further reduced.
In Pakistan, there is no difficiency of talented youth like Shanza Munir who can use their abilities, not only to serve the suffering humanity, but also to enlighten the name of Pakistan in the world. All that need is to value such talented youth at the government level, to create opportunaties for them and to facilitate them.

CDC team of Pakistan.

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Face of PakistanLatest

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Face of PakistanLatest

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Face of PakistanLatest

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Face of PakistanLatest

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