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Pakistan Air Force, sent military airplane full of medical equipments to China to fight against Corona virus and became the country provided more aid to China.

Pakistan has become the biggest donor to China after Corona virus out break.
China has been infected by Corona virus, but is not being helped by the human rights champion countries. In such case, Pakistan has paid the right of friendship and became biggest country to provide aid to China.
According to a pro Pakistani website, the Chinese Foreign Ministry appealed to the international community that they urgently need emergency medical supplies to save the lives of the people of Corona virus affected areas in the China, but no country helped China.
In difficult time of epidemic, America not only refused to help China, but began to seek its own business interests. The US president and Minister of Commerce also made highly irresponsible statements regarding the Corona virus that cannot be praised by any civilized society.
In this difficult time of unexpected epidemic Pakistan come forward to help its friend and bacome the first country provided more aid to China. Pakistan Air Force sent a military airplane full of medical equipment to China.
Here this question can also be asked that, why does a developed country China need the help of a developing country like Pakistan? It should be noted that any country in the world has a certain amount of equipments to deal with the emergency situations including earthquakes, tsunamis and other calamities. But developed countries still need the help of other countries too? Some of the emergency equipments are manufactured in different countries of the world under the supervision of WHO, which are timely provided to the countries affected by epidemics. There is also a WHO manufacturing factory in Lahore, where all around the year supplies are manufactured and provided to different countries of the world, when needed.
When Pakistan came forward to support China in the war against Corona virus then ” Thank you Pakistan ” become top trend in China. According to Chinese news agency, Chinese people have made top trend of thank you Pakistan on china’s social media website ” Sina Weibo”. Chinese people thanked Pakistan on ” Sino Weibo” website for their historic support in the fight against the deadly Corona virus. Sine Weibo is a Chinese social media platform similar to Twitter on which hashtags are used. Chinese nation has made the hashtag thank you Pakistan top trend overnight on social media platform.
Long live Pakistan-China friendship.

CDC team of Pakistan.

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Face of PakistanLatest

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Face of PakistanLatest

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