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Khushaim Sahiba, a young talented daughter of Pakistan who won 4 gold medals in International Karakoram Ski Games, held at Malam Jabba Pakistan.

If you have high courage and enthusiasm, success will be at your foot steps and this courage is shown by Pakistani skier Khushaim Sahiba who won gold medal in the fourth Chief of the Air Staff Karakoram International Alpine Ski Cup Women’s Joint Slalom category. She surprised everyone with this achievement.
Besides, she also won a gold medal in the third Alpine Ski Cup Joint Slalom category, held in Malam Jabba. Khushaim collectively won 4 gold medals in International Karakoram Ski Games, which is proudable for Pakistan.
The International Karakoram Ski Races, held in Niltar a tourist spot in Gilgit, was organized by the Pak Air Force in collaboration with Winter Sports Federation. In this event skiers from different countries participated which included Greece, Afghanistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Morocco, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan.
The improved law and order situation of Pakistan is promoting sports globally and organizing this event will not only promote winter sports in the country but also promote tourism in Pakistan, especially in Gilgit-Baltistan.
Organizing this sort of events will also help promoting tourism in Pakistan.

CDC team of Pakistan.

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Face of PakistanLatest

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Face of PakistanLatest

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Face of PakistanLatest

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Face of PakistanLatest

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