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Pakistan declared better country than India by an international magazine in terms of paying adequate wages and creating job opportunities.

Pakistan is a developing country and had been faced the ulcer of terrerism for several years, after which the situation was not good. We are really thankful to almighty Allah, that now the situation of Pakistan is improving day by day. On one side Pakistan is making its image better in International community, while on the other hand India, the ultimate enemy of Pakistan is becoming obnoxious country in International community due to its extremist contemplation and measures.
In this regard recently published International reports and survey are the solid proofs.
At the occasion of the 50th annual meeting of World Economic Forum held in Davis, published its “Social Mobility” report for the year 2020.
According to report, in terms of paying adequate wages and creating job opportunities Pakistan declared far better country than India.
According to this report, in terms of paying adequate wages Pakistan is at 76 number While India is at 79. Whereas in terms of creating job opportunities Pakistan is at 67 number while India is at 75.
International survey and reports are the proofs of rapidly improving situation of Pakistan is going in right direction of progress and prosperity.
Soon not only Pakistan will be in the list of best countries of the region but also of the world.
Enn Sha Allah! (If God willing).

CDC team of Pakistan.

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Face of PakistanLatest

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Face of PakistanLatest

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Face of PakistanLatest

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Face of PakistanLatest

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