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Pakistani disable, Shahab Uddin has developed a “Posture Support Device” which helps to prevent Polio disability.

Shahab Uddin from Peshawar, who has been in a wheelchair since 1986 after effected by Polio, developed a device to prevent people from becoming disabled from Polio. This device is mounted on the back of a wheelchair to help keep the spine straight and prevent damage.
This device has been named Posture Support Device (PSD). It can also be attached to a wheelchair, car seat or any other ordinary chair.
In an interview, Shahab Uddin said that due to prolong sitting in a wheelchair, his spine became more crooked. Due to which it became difficult for him to sit straight. He said that the solution is to get the equipment from abroad but it is very expensive because it has to be imported to Pakistan first.
Shahab Uddin started making such device after receiving training from Nepal in 2013 and this device will now be available locally for only Rs. 5,000. While in case of import from abroad, it costs from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 100,000.
So far, the device has been provided to 70 people infected with the Polio virus. Now they can sit in a chair, work and can move around.
If the talent that we have in our country is properly nurtured, encouraged and facilitated, there is no doubt that we can be self-sufficient in many things.

CDC team of Pakistan.

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