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Blind Resource Foundation Of Pakistan developed the first Braille Qur’an of the Islamic world for blind.

A precious gift for the blind
people cannot read ordinary printed Qur’an and thus they are deprived of the reward of recitation of the holiest book of Allah Almighty. The Blind Resource Foundation Pakistan is taking excellent and commendable practical steps for the welfare of the blind. Muhammad Shakeel (who is also visually impaired) the soul of the Blind Resource Foundation of Pakistan is very active in the welfare of the blind and providing them with a dignified and dignified life in the society.
One of the best and most enlightening practical steps of Muhammad Shakeel’s day and night efforts and the hard work of the Blind Resource Foundation Pakistan team is to prepare the first Braille Qur’an in the Islamic world for the blind.
For the blind, for the first time in the Islamic world, a special Holy Qur’an based on embossed dots in Braille language has been prepared in Karachi, said Muhammad Shakeel (who is also blind) that there are more than 500,000 blind people in Pakistan for whom there is no study material. The Blind Resource Foundation is committed to imparting knowledge to the blind and strives to make them useful citizens of the society by developing their technical abilities.
The Blind Resource Foundation Pakistan has paid special attention to religious education. For this purpose, after two and a half years of hard work, the Holy Qur’an has been compiled for the blind people through embossed dots in Braille language. Since last year, 100 volumes have been distributed to the visually impaired, while the Holy Qur’an has been sent to Malaysia and Sri Lanka, which have been very well received.
There is an urgent need for Braille language Qur’an for blind people all over the Islamic world. Therefore, Blind Resource Foundation Pakistan will provide Qur’an to Islamic countries after meeting the needs of blind people in the country. The Blind Resource Foundation, with the help of philanthropists, provides the Qur’an gifts to the visually impaired.
The cost of printing Braille Qur’an is Rs. 4,500 it takes a whole day to print the Holy Qur’an for the visually impaired. The Holy Qur’an consists of 6 volumes. Each volume has five superscripts because the Braille language card is so thick that not all the supplications can be compiled in one volume. This is what Muhammad Shakeel, the head of Blind Resource Foundation Pakistan, said in a conversation. He said that printing on a Holy Qur’an costs Rs. 4,500. A special printer for printing has been imported from Sweden through Waqar Younis, a Pakistani activist for the welfare of the blind in South Africa.
According to Muhammad Shakeel, the Blind Resource Foundation Pakistan wants to provide the Qur’an to the blind throughout the Islamic world. For which the help and cooperation of philanthropists is indispensable, it is a work of goodness. If philanthropists come together and contribute to the preparation of the Holy Qur’an, then we will all be rewarded for it.

CDC team of Pakistan.

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