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Pakistan is the powerful country in defence capabilities.

Global Firepower issued its list of 2019, In which the arm forces of 137 countries are compared internationally and categorically ranked the most powerful arm forces of the world. This list constructed after inspecting the Man Power, geographical condition of each country, logistic capabilities of forces and the available natural resources along with defense facts, armed forces of 25 countries…
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Face of Pakistan

Arsalan Anwar won the gold medal for Pakistan.

Pakistani youth is no less than anyone..! As the proud son of soil, Arsalan Anwar won the gold medal for Pakistan in the Asian International Defensive Pistol Association Cup (IDPA) competition held in Bangkok. Arsalan Anwar targeted 118 targets in 6.16 minutes in the final…
Face of Pakistan

International Court of Justice recognizes Kalbhushan Yadav as an Indian terrorist...!

All praises to Almighty Allah and a warm salute to the great efforts of Captain Abdul Qadeer Baloch Shaheed who arrested Indian monkey Kalbhoshen Yadev. This is a great and clear victory of Pakistan against the terrorist India. The International Court Of Justice has rejected the stance of India in Kalbhoshan Yadev case. A great victory indeed Masha’ALLAH. According to the opinion of…
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A brief definition of Qadianism.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed founded this Qadian movement in 1889 in Ludhiana. He proclaimed himself as a prophet and declared to attain divine revelations. Many contradictions were found in his beliefs if compared to Islamic system of values and could easily be attributed as anti…
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Defenders of the homeland's front line ideological and geographical boundaries.

This reality is really a cause of anxiety for those who are busy in lapidation on Pakistan from outside, that despite of many forecasts of Anti-Pakistan conjurers and warlocks, Pakistan is still in full force on the global scene. The survival of Pakistan’s integrity and sovereignty is possible only by the blessings and special mercy of Allah and for the attainment of this greatest goal…
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Aero Engine built by a Pakistani engineer Dr. Sarah Qureshi.

Dr. Sara Qureshi, daughter of Pakistan, created history with her revolutionary invention in aerospace engineering to eradicate environmental pollution. She studied aerospace engineering in the UK and started this research during her Ph.D. After returning home, she planned to develop an engine to to eradicate air pollution. She set upon work on her research with the help of his father, Masood…
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