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Leader of Nation, Imran khan

A leader builds a nation, motivates, educates, priorities and strengthens a nation where the justice equalized to all human beings as what color they have or what religion they practice. This is what our Prophet (peace be upon him) established in state of madinah and had given equal rights to ...

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Kashmir, History of Genocide by India

For more than the past 70 years, Indian government and its armed forces are continuously trying to confuse and corrupt the minds of gullible people into believing that the condition of Jammu and Kashmir is not flawed. The state has been a victim of countless killings of Innocent unarmed Kashmiri ...

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Vanishing Minorities of India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hasn’t yet taken his oath and: 1. Anurag Kashyap’s daughter got a rape threat if her father makes another movie that they dislike. 2. A dalit men has been beaten by policemen to chant the slogans of NaMo. 3. Umar Khalid and Ravish Kumar, have gotten ...

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India is promoting terrorism in Pakistan

Now the terrorism acts in Balochistan are the real slap on the face of humanity but the question arising, Who is responsible for this terrorism? The statement of Bikram Singh that they (Indians) should have to promote terrorism in Pakistan is the clear proof of the involvement of India in ...

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India is dangerous for the peace of the world

Pakistan’s efforts for Global Peace are acknowledged and acclaimed internationally, but India is continously trying to sabotage the Peace of the region and making nefarious designs. Sometimes ago we found that an Ex COAS of Indian army Gen. Bikram Singh was talking about insurrectionist movements in Pakistan. He stated that ...

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