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The Question is..? As in our country, each day multiple departments do strike, close businesses and come out roads. If army also do strike as lawyers, doctors, teachers and others do or they leave their duties? Leave borders empty? What will happen? What will be the solution?

Just days ago doctors were seen on strike in many parts of the country, besides this multiple times doctors were on full strike in several parts of the country, even incidents of closing private clinics and emergency were happening around, dears and patients of the people were being pushed towards ...

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The aviation pilots of Pakistan army successfully rescued two foreign mountaineer Donald Allen and Lota Henrica in a successful rescue operation, who were trapped in Baltoru Glaciers.

Pakistan arm forces have always been a trustworthy, praiseworthy, helpful and Saviour to the nation with their tactical capabilities , professional skills and spirit of human welfare. Whenever anyone called for help Pakistan arm forces always came forward to prove their best performance. This year lots of tourists visited Pakistan, ...

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