The Unilateral decision by Government of India.

About 70 years have passed since India Brutally occupied Kashmir. During these hours, (Muslim) Natives of Kashmir are being suffered severely. Every Upcoming day proves itself a new Torment of Hell for Kashmiris. Every Sun rises there, to burn them. Every Night falls to leave them in hopeless and despaired darkness. Every Valley is filled with the Blood of Youth and every woman is…
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Face of Pakistan

Rohail Ravind Is A Bright Face of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a place of selfless devoted people. Our young generation is highly passionate to serve the Humanity. An excellent example of this is 23 years old Rohail Ravind from Faisalabad Pakistan. Rohail has established a school for poor kids. He runs his school at night so…

India is promoting terrorism in Pakistan

Now the terrorism acts in Balochistan are the real slap on the face of humanity but the question arising, Who is responsible for this terrorism? The statement of Bikram Singh that they (Indians) should have to promote terrorism in Pakistan is the clear proof of the…

India is producing terrorists in the form of Armed Forces

In any civilized society nobody can deny the occurrence of disputes and clashes between two different ideologies, but reasonable, responsible, and wise nations always try to minimize the threat of WAR just for the sake of humanity and noble human standards. Pakistan and India are the practical examples of two different ideologies. And due to some self defined aggressive reasons Indian politicians…
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